Market Immersion Program

South East Asia


The Market Immersion Program (MIP) is designed for Australian companies that want to establish an immediate market presence in South East Asia.

We know that Australian companies face challenges and upfront costs when trying to establish a business in SE Asia. This program, formulated by experts in international business expansion, has been developed to help Australian companies break into and grow export sales in South East Asia in an efficient and cost-effective way.

The program is delivered in partnership between Foley & Associates, based in Sydney and Orissa International who has on the ground presence in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Over a 15 month period, Orissa International will deliver initial business development activities to kick-start your growth in South East Asia and will hire, manage, and provide front and back-end functions (HR, Payroll, office etc.) for a local sales manager.

At the end of the program you will be given an exit/graduation strategy including advice on setting up your own entity in the market, and transferring employment from Orissa International to the new entity.

Why MIP?

This 15-month program has been designed to assist Australian SMEs who are looking for low risk option to set up a local presence in one of the following countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

This program provides the following key benefits:

fast-tracked Market entry

Our experienced in-market team will support the local staff with their business development activities, sharing useful contacts as well as our market knowledge In addition to developing an export roadmap

In-market expert support

You will be supported by our in-market team, who operate within a well-established administrative structure, and have 20+ years’ experience assisting companies in South East Asia

Low-cost and low-risk

The same benefits as establishing your own office in-market, but at a much lower cost and risk (no governance issues, no legal entity compliance expenses, no audits, no share capital requirement etc.)

reduced time to market

We will hire local staff for you and sales development starts as soon as they are hired saving you ~ 6months to incorporate your company, hire staff, identify key customer targets, get in front of customers

staff management

We will manage local staff to ensure they are going out to meet customers, reporting back to head office on a regular basis, and not submitting unnecessary expense claims

overcome  challenges

Overcome common challenges faced by Australian companies including; limited knowledge about their target market or inability to convince distributors to sell an unknown product/brand

Program Structure

Preparatory Stage

3 Months

Together, we create & complete your market entry plan, recruit your local sales support rep and create your partner and customer database after client consultation

Incubation Stage 1

1st Quarter

Your local staff member will be on-boarded, business development activities will commence and 1st round of lead generation starts

Incubation Stage 2

2nd Quarter

We closely monitor your employee's performance and continue to implement your market entry strategy plan with regular updates

Incubation Stage 3

3rd Quarter

We'll assess your market entry progress and modify the strategy. You'll be coming to the market to meet with customers for a second round of lead generation

Incubation Stage 4

4th Quarter

Together, we review your performance and future strategy and create actions for you to progress once you have exited from the program

Program Completion


Our Testimonials


Angela Foley

Managing Director
Foley & Associates

Angela is the Founding Director of Foley & Associates Pty Ltd. She established the company in 2002 with the objective of providing international trade advice to international organizations seeking to do business in Australia and New Zealand

Sarath Menon

Managing Director
Orissa International

Sarath is the Managing Director of Orissa International Pte Ltd, a market entry consultancy firm headquartered in Singapore with offices throughout South East Asia. Since 1997, Orissa International has been providing a range of market entry services to help companies from around the world that want to grow their business in the ASEAN region

Holden Frisoli

General Manager
Foley & Associates

Holden began his career as an intern with Foley and Associates, and remained with the company as an International Trade Advisor until 2016 and returned in 2018 as the General Manager - Operations. He has particularly enjoyed significant exposure acquired in the mining, ICT, and advanced manufacturing industries

Jenny O'Sullivan

Senior International Trade & Investment Advisor
Foley & Associates

Jenny joined the team in 2012 and works predominately with our US and Northern Irish clients. Assisting her clients with their business development activities in Australia, she has assisted in the identification and appointment of local partners, along with facilitating multiple trade missions and independent client visits to the region

Victoria Searle

 International Trade & Investment Advisor
Foley & Associates

Since joining Foley & Associates in 2017, Victoria has gained experience working on a wide range of projects for both European and US clients. She has broad experience across several industry sectors, specialising in in-depth research and business matching for healthcare and technology companies in particular

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